Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gearing up again! Spring 2011 Updates

Hi all!
So after a bit of hibernation we're hearing some rustlings of activity.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY/ INTERNSHIP: We'd love it if someone could regularly compile area events and update the blog, facebook group, and send out a newsletter type email. I nominate anyone besides myself.

Upcoming events:
Free permaculture class at my place on April 15th
Wolf camp classes starting up over by Clark's Creek park
Puyallup Farmer's Market starts this weekend
Sumner: lots of activity with Chemical Plant kick-out efforts, Orton Junction boo-hissing etc. No website yet (ANOTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY)
Whispers of a potluck Earth Day night. Let's call it an 'Earth Night' party. More info soon.
drum roll....

Mother Earth News Fair
taking over the Puyallup Fairgrounds June 4-5!!!
We've been given a complimentary booth and are invited to participate at all sorts of levels.
If you'd like to help with:
Educational Displays
Artsy 'Look and Feel' to booth
Scheduling people to 'staff' the booth
Growth Management Display
Puyallup Sustainability Bike Ride
Please email and we'll get you to work.

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