Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Fall Harvest

Thanks for all the help and fun times this fall! Here's some tantalizing pics of those who helped me out over at Goddess Farm.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YMCA Farm Open House

The YMCA Friends and Servants is hosting our annual Greenhouse/Farm Open HouseFriday April 25th and Saturday April 26th, from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Support localhorticulture and Puyallup's youth by buying our beautiful spring flowers, hangingbaskets and deck planters. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a tour of theFarm and to learn about our youth programing. For information please call253-840-8110. The Farm address is: 6613 114th Ave Ct E, Puyallup

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daff Parade and Earth Day events

Meeting notes from 3/30. In attendance: Amanda, B, and Kelda. Ate split
pea soup and talked a lot about kids, social justice, art, and projects.
Low numbers at meetings sure doesn't mean any less enthusiasm!

We missed a lot of you and hope to see your happy faces at the event below!

April 12 Daffodil Parade. Rendezvous at Amanda's house (behind the
downtown safeway) about 11-ish. B and wait staff at the Ram are rescuing
cups from the landfill and previous to 12th we'll be filling them with
soil and plants. On the 12th we'll ready the plants, the little red
wagons, and the kids to go forth and sell their wares for some cheap
donation price. Money will go to art supplies/ future projects, etc. The
Daffodil Parade starts at 12:45 but there's crowds of people downtown all

Earth Day ideas:

1)Storm the Ram for a few hours and in some organized fashion separate out
all the recyclables, compostables, everything that they are now currently
throwing in the Garbage (even cardboard!!)
This will be a demo to show B's art club kids how to sort and reuse, and a
demo to show the Ram management how much is being thrown out. B's manager
has been open to the demo. We need more adults to help do this, and we
should decide on a time that works well. If not Earth Day, Tuesday, then
perhaps the Sunday Brunch before?

2)Sidewalk Chalk downtown with thank yous. Thank yous for people riding
the sounder, thank yous for the organic cafe, for busstops, whatever. It
will be good for downtown businesses and lighten everyone's day. Needed:
more folks to be involved and think of a good time around earth day to
meet up and do this.

Also, we are now On the Sustainability Map!
Notice that the 'inland' groups are listed below as they're not
technically on the Puget Sound. The 'SCALLOPS' group will be having a
forum the evening of the 12th at the Seattle Greenfest. We're invited to
attend. (So we'll have to decide between post-daffodil bbq or going to

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sustainabilty at Celtic Faire

  Downtown Puyallup, March 15, 2-5 pm.  
Among the minstrels and vendors and other celtic fun there will
be a roomful of activities focused on sustainability. This is a
family event, so will have lots of kids activities, included but not
limited to:

*seed balls
*art from found objects/recycled art-making

And for the adults:
*puyallup 'green map' creation (post-its on big map to
show cool places to shop and do sustainability-type
things in puyallup)
*sustainability books to browse through
*computers set to 'calculate your carbon footprint'
*scrolling slideshow of awesome pics (people building
cobb ovens,
installing gardens, etc.)
*'downtown puyallup sustainable sites' bike tours if
enough people show up who want a tour

Kid's activities will be hosted at the Youth Investment
115 2nd St SW. Adult activities will be at the City Council Chambers.