Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sustainabilty at Celtic Faire

  Downtown Puyallup, March 15, 2-5 pm.  
Among the minstrels and vendors and other celtic fun there will
be a roomful of activities focused on sustainability. This is a
family event, so will have lots of kids activities, included but not
limited to:

*seed balls
*art from found objects/recycled art-making

And for the adults:
*puyallup 'green map' creation (post-its on big map to
show cool places to shop and do sustainability-type
things in puyallup)
*sustainability books to browse through
*computers set to 'calculate your carbon footprint'
*scrolling slideshow of awesome pics (people building
cobb ovens,
installing gardens, etc.)
*'downtown puyallup sustainable sites' bike tours if
enough people show up who want a tour

Kid's activities will be hosted at the Youth Investment
115 2nd St SW. Adult activities will be at the City Council Chambers.