Monday, December 3, 2007

December Meeting

Compiled by Kathleen:
Here is a summary of some of the ideas that were talked about on Saturday
December 1st at the Organic Comfort Food Cafe

Idea # 1:
Bulletin Board in Downtown- a space for the exchange of information
Possibly made of cob (dirt, sand, clay straw super substance)

eventually rent space downtown to provide a sustainability resource for

Idea #3: Earth Day Celebration in Pioneer Park
Educational Booths
Kids Activities
Music Act
Work Parties
on the same day as the farmers market

Steps to make this happen:

Contact Parks Department to ask permission
Contact Pierce College to see if Environmental or Outreach Coordinators want
to cooperate
Different People take responsibility for putting on a booth/activities
Get the word out: flyers downtown, send home flyers with elementary school
kids (get kids there and parents will follow), contact church communities

Possible activities(some of these not actually discussed on Saturday just
some ideas I have seen done other places):
rain barrel making workshop
recycled junk art projects for kids
easy things the average person can do booth
cob making for kids
clothing exchange
compost workshop
story time
solar power demonstration
green building booth
bicycle bucket making

Idea #4
Sustainable healthy food distribution for the homeless


Congratulations Patty and Family!
and *happy birthday!*

The food is wonderful and we'll all be eating often at Puyallup's new Organic Comfort Food Cafe, located downtown in the Pioneer Park Condos.

Thank you! We've been hungry!